40 Long Shag Haircuts for Absolutely Gorgeous Looks

By Sarah J. Helms / Updated on May 6, 2019
Long shag haircuts are versatile, timeless, and utterly stylish for any occasion. Get inspired by our big gallery of these lovely haircuts.

Bohemian Shag

Bohemian ShagPhoto: tophairstyles2018.com

Shag hairstyle can give you an elegant vibe. But it is also perfect for giving you the amazing boho vibe when you need it. The festival season is near, so make sure to get ready on time.

Ash-Toned Haircut

Ash-Toned HaircutPhoto: southernliving.com

Ash-toned highlights will definitely make your dark hair appear more subtle and stylish. Multiple layers and a lot of texture will make your shag hairstyle perfect for working hours and everyday wear.

Long Wings

Long WingsPhoto: southernliving.com

This long shag gives us some summer vibes. Side bangs are typical for shaggy haircuts, as well as those long wings. If you are getting ready for summertime, dye your hair in honey blonde and add some highlights.

Straight Shag Haircut

Straight Shag HaircutPhoto: southernliving.com

You don’t need waves and curls to make your shaggy haircuts look interesting and eye-catching. Sometimes, good old straight hair is everything that you need to get perfection.

Shag for Thick Hair

Shag for Thick HairPhoto: latest-hairstyles.com

Shag is one of those timeless hairstyles, but here it is made with a modern twist. Strawberry blonde is one of the unique shades that you can find, and it indeed is very attractive.

Long Curly Shag

Long Curly ShagPhoto: latest-hairstyles.com

Blonde curls look even more interesting when they are layered. You can be sure that with this you will tame your curls and make them look gorgeous.

Side Bangs and Long Shag

Side Bangs and Long ShagPhoto: Instagram/@moonstonestudiola

Brown shade with barely visible ashy highlights is perfect for those women who prefer classic. Even though your hair is long, you can let this shag grow out, without worries, it looks dull.

Trendy Blonde Shag

Trendy Blonde ShagPhoto: latest-hairstyles.com

Blonde hair always tends to look more attractive than any other. With shag haircut, you can make it look even more eye-catching and trendy.

Wispy Bangs

Wispy BangsPhoto: latest-hairstyles.com

Cutting layers allow you to style them in a versatile, modern way. However, the stars of this shaggy haircut are the wispy bangs. They look absolutely gorgeous.

Long Shaggy Balayage

Long Shaggy BalayagePhoto: Instagram/@exhibitsalon

Balayage as a technique became very popular because of its versatility and low-maintenance. You can be sure that this lovely blonde balayage will make you look gorgeous, even with the minimal effort styling it.

Face-Framing Shag

Face-Framing ShagPhoto: totalbeauty.com

Long wavy shag like this will only show how bold and confident you are. These side bangs and lovely honey highlights will frame your face, making the gorgeous finish touch.

Straight Bronde Shag

Straight Bronde ShagPhoto: therighthairstyles.com

Even though this shag is straight, it has so much texture and volume. It looks polished, yet it is full of layers that are straight – perfect for elegant occasions.

Shag for Fine Hair

Shag for Fine HairPhoto: totalbeauty.com

Hairstylists advise us to keep texturing to minimal if your hair is fine. You should opt for horizontal layers that will add fullness and weight to your shag haircut.

Long Wavy Shag

Long Wavy ShagPhoto: pinterest.com

Ashy tones, waves, and shag haircut – is there anything else that you need to shine? We would say no, as well. This is a great hairstyle to wear from day to night events.

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