Layered hair is definitely one of the most popular hairstyles, among all women and man as well. Layers in your hair can provide you with more texture and usually gives thin hair volume.

60 Ways to Wear Layered Hair in 2020

Messy and Chic

Messy and ChicPhoto:

Inspired by the rock ‘n’ roll, such layered haircuts look amazing. You can make it even more messy with your own hands and fingers. The balayage technique will make your layers even more highlighted and your looks upgraded.

Red Hair like a Fire

Red Hair like a FirePhoto:

If you use suitable quality hair dye like this, your hair will shine all the time. Also, you need to take good care of it, by using oils, heat protectors, etc. Lovely curls and layers will just upgrade your modern everyday look.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain BangsPhoto:

You might not be familiar with the term curtain bangs. Don’t worry – we are here to explain and show. Curtain bangs are those that are on both sides of your face. They frame your face in a great way and are very versatile. In a nutshell, you can wear them with long layered hair.

Layered Ponytail

Layered PonytailPhoto:

Layers are achievable for everybody. Every hairdresser should know to make them according to your wishes and face. When your hair is a bit greasy, but you still don’t want to wash it, or you simply don’t have time for it, style it in a ponytail. Don’t forget to add a satin bow.

Auburn Roots with Blonde Ends

Auburn Roots with Blonde EndsPhoto:

Auburn is an excellent shade for fall and winter. Some women tend to combine it with blonde ends, and it looks absolutely amazing. This is one of those casual hairstyles that you can wear every day – for work, after work party or a coffee with a friend.

Light Blonde Hair

Light Blonde HairPhoto:

Matching your skin tone with hair color is easy. The result is always great. You can be sure that light blonde matches with fair skin complexion. In the end, you can get lovely finish – layered light blonde hairstyle that makes a statement.

Strawberry Blonde Layered Haircut

Strawberry Blonde Layered HairPhoto:

Long wavy hair and layers – all that you need to have an amazing hairstyle for everyday wear. Strawberry blonde is one of the trendiest hair dyes for summer, so don’t hesitate to try it! You will be amazed by the results.

Short Layers

Short LayersPhoto: Instagram/@circlesofhair

When we say layers, usually the first thing coming to our minds is long hair. However, short layered cuts can look even more exciting than long ones. If you are wearing choppy short bob and you want to make it even more interesting – add some curls. See many nice examples of short bob haircuts for curly hair if you need some inspiration.

Straight Layers

Straight LayersPhoto:

This look is great for all those women who want their hair to look polished and stylish every day. Side bangs are popular as well as long layers. You can achieve a hairstyle like this with a medium and long length.

Top Knot

Top KnotPhoto:

Top knots are trendy among younger girls and older women as well. The key is in their versatility and low-maintenance. You can leave the part of your hair down, and only wrap up the part that frames your face.

Short and Layered

Short and LayeredPhoto:

An asymmetric bob will provide you with cool, messy vibes that no one would say no to. This hairstyle is classy and modern at the same time, and that is the main charm of it. Try it if you like your hair to be polished and classic for everyday wear.

Highlighted and Medium

Highlighted and MediumPhoto:

It is not so often to see this dark hair with light highlights. However, the fact is that it looks more than satisfying. This hairstyle is appropriate for older women, business women who tend to make their style classy and sophisticated.

Beach Waves Asymmetric Bob

Beach Waves Asymmetric BobPhoto:

Long layers and short layers combined in one – the result is this layered bob. It looks more than beautiful and so attractive. If you opt for highlights or baby lights, you can be sure your hairstyle will be more than noticed, wherever you go.

Feather Layers

Feather LayersPhoto:

Feather layers are those who look exactly like that on your hair. Lovely and casual, these layers are easy to style and even easier to wear. You can opt for this kind of layers for both short and long haircuts – just make sure you style them every day.

Side Bangs and Layers

Side Bangs and LayersPhoto:

Bangs are a great addition to your hairstyle. Side bangs are layered as well as your hair. They work perfectly with short and longer hair. You can always count on more volume with these kinds of bangs.

Layered Lob with Bangs

Layered Lob with BangsPhoto:

This layered lob with choppy bangs is great for those girls that like messy and stylish hairstyles. It is perfect for all those busy women who don’t have time in the morning to do their haircuts. Ombre two-toned hair will only highlight the beauty of this layered cut.

Natural Curls and Layers

Natural Curls and LayersPhoto:

Some women might think that layers are not possible on naturally curly hair. That is not true. You can rock long and medium layers even if you have natural waves. Avoid cutting your hair in short layers, though. They can make your curls look even more enhanced.

Styled Layers

Styled LayersPhoto:

This hairstyle is undoubtedly for those elegant occasions when you need to shine. You should style it to look like this with a blow-dryer and a round brush. Highlighted hair will only make this style look sophisticated and elegant.

Long Layers

Long LayersPhoto:

Side bangs and long layers on this lob look more than beautiful. The fact that there are no many layers makes this hairstyle easy to style and even more appealing to wear. You can opt for both one or two-toned hair – it will still look amazing.

Curls, Layers, and Highlights

Curls, Layers, and HighlightsPhoto:

Natural curls and layers definitely can work together. This hairstyle suits all women that like to wear their hair polished and classy. Curls and highlights will enhance your natural hair characteristics so you can be sure it will be noticed.