How to Enhance Curly Hair: 12 Tips for Awesome Natural Curls

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Curls are a wonderful feature, but they tend to be complicated to maintain. If you struggle to style your curls, here are some tips to enhance curly hair so you fall in love with them again.

Well, maintaining them is another story. These are simple yet very effective ways to enrich and style your curls. From choosing the right shampoo and conditioner to a specific way of combing your hair – we cover some excellent pieces of advice for you. 

1. Be Gentle When You Comb Your Hair

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Curly hair can become dry and brittle. So, combing it with a hairbrush can potentially cause breakage. Your hair can lose its shape, and your scalp can hurt. 

However, a detangling brush is a better choice for curly hair. Also, a tooth comb works great to get your curls popping. 

2. Comb the Hair From the Bottom Up

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Combing the hair from the bottom up is very efficient on curly hair. When you use the right brush for detangling, you should comb the hair from the bottom up. This way, you will detangle every single knot. 

Preparing the hair with a detangler is crucial; it won’t strip the natural oils from the curls. 

3. Get a Regular Hair Trim

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Your curly hair will adore regular hair trims. Damaged hair never looks good. Don’t sacrifice your hair health over length. Regular trims will protect you from split ends and dull hairstyles.

If you consider using a leave-in or a conditioner but do not visit your hairstylist, think again. Not cutting off your dead and split ends, especially on curly hair, can only lead to your frustration and bad-looking hairstyles.

Visit your stylist every six to eight weeks for a quick but effective trim. 

4. Ask For Feather Hair Ends

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When you are in a salon, ask for feather hair ends. It is a small secret of smart hairstylists. Feathering is done with scissors or a razor. 

The curls will be bouncy, and your hair will become voluminous.

5. Use a Diffuser

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Diffuser is a great tool that comes with a hairdryer. If you are not using it, you are missing out. Attach a diffuser to your hairdryer to provide nicer curls and minimize frizz. 

The diffuser should evenly disperse the airflow and boost your hair with extra volume. Turn your hairdryer on low and drop your curls into the diffuser.

6. Try the Special Technique of Twist and Press When Drying

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When you dry your hair, avoid roughly drying it with a towel. It will cause frizz and potentially can cause your hair to break. Instead, try the twist-and-press method. 

You will only need a towel. Simply press and twist your hair instead of rubbing it against it. 

7. Stop Washing Hair Too Much

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Instead of washing your hair every other day, consider doing it less, even once a week. Not washing your curly hair too much will preserve moisture and reduce frizz. Even if your hair is getting oily quickly, you should think about washing it less. 

Dry shampoo is an excellent addition to your hair routine. It can help in/between washes when you need your hair to look polished and clean. While it sucks the excess oil from your hair, it also lets you style it without washing it every time. 

8. Apply Your Conditioner To Dry Hair

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According to hair experts, you should apply conditioner before you hop into the shower. Instead of using it on wet hair, you must apply it on dry.

If the strands are saturated with water, the conditioner won’t penetrate the cuticle. But, if you apply your conditioner before taking a shower, the steam will help the conditioner penetrate the strands. 

After showering, wash your hair as usual.

9. Avoid Heavy Hair Products

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Even when your hair is super dry, what you don’t want to do is to weigh it down with a tone of a product.

Use your fingers to apply a hair oil, styling cream, or a leave-in treatment on dry or wet hair for extra moisture and bounce.

10. Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

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We know frizz can cause your hair to break and become even more tangled in the morning. 

You can drastically reduce this by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Some women will also choose a silk or satin bonnet, but your skin can also benefit from a silk pillowcase. 

Your curls slip and slide on silk or satin surfaces without tangling or rubbing. Once you wake up, you will notice that your hair is frizz-free, without tangles, and smoother. 

11. Find Appropriate Shampoo

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Usually, when you feel like your hair is squeaky clean after washing, it is time to change the shampoo. It means your current shampoo contains chemicals, silicons, and other ingredients that cause your curls to weigh down. 

Instead, try shampoos that are specifically made for curly hair. Those products are usually sulfate-free, silicone-free, and made specially to improve curls’ hair condition. Check if the shampoo is for dry, normal, or oily hair. You can limit your hair wash by choosing an appropriate shampoo.

12. Deep Condition Treatment Once or Twice a Month

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Quench thirsty curls at least once a month, preferably twice. Your curly hair will thank you! Hair care is extremely important when you have curls or waves, so you should buy or make a hair mask to hydrate it and make the texture smooth and healthy. 

A perfect DIY mask exists. Simply by using coconut oil, you can improve the health of hair cuticles, moisturize the hair, prevent friction, and make the curls more defined. Before showering, apply a palmful of coconut oil onto dry hair, twist it, and clip it into a bun for at least 30 minutes.

What Makes Curly Hair More Curly?

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Even if you think your hair can’t get any curlier, it is possible to make your curls more defined simply by cutting your hair and then using the proper styling and haircare products.

Scrunching is one of the techniques for getting better curls. You can also use a diffuser or do it by twisting your hair.
Another popular technique is finger coil. Finger coiling is simple – you curl the hair around your fingers to help define the curls.

How To Strengthen Curly Hair?

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You can strengthen your curls by following all the advice listed above.

However, you should also pay attention to your diet. Avoid empty calories and junk food. Turn to wholesome foods like salmon, greens, beans, carrots, walnuts, etc. Food rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron, and zinc can improve hair strength, shine, and natural texture.

How Can I Make My Curly Hair More Attractive?

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You can make your curls more attractive by choosing the right haircut. A haircut that balances out your facial characteristics and enhances the curls.

Think about the hairstyle as well. Do you like to wear your hair long and down? Or do you prefer high buns?
And finally, take good care of your hair, and follow a healthy routine.

Can You Train Your Hair To Be Curly?

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Curl training is a real thing. Yes, you can actually train your curls with the two most popular techniques: finger coiling and twisting strands of hair together.

These methods are easy and don’t take long to do.

Appreciate Your Natural Curls

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You might call yourself lucky if you have gorgeous, naturally curly hair. Studies show that only around 13 percent of women in Europe have really curly hair. The biggest majority have curly or straight hair. However, African hair shape is mostly curly.

If you’re gifted with natural curls, enjoy them! While the rest of us wonder how to get curly hair, you can walk with your head held high.

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