Crimped hair is back! All A-list celebrities have tried it and loved it! If you want to see how to do it, there are a lot of styles in our gallery.

40 Fabulous Crimped Hair Ideas to Boost Your Look

Half Up Half Down Updo

Half Up Half Down UpdoPhoto:

If you want to take hair off your face, there is no better way to do it than with the simple half updo. By cramping your hair randomly, you will enhance the effortless vibe. Platinum hair matches perfectly with this style.

Two-Toned Ombre

Two-Toned OmbrePhoto:

Two colored ombre is one of the most popular dyeing techniques among women.

It enhances the beauty of every possible hairstyle. Whether you have long, short or medium hair, the one thing is sure – with crimped hair and an ombre, you can never make a mistake.

Mermaid Hair

Mermaid HairPhoto:

For all those girls who would like to make a statement with their hairstyle, this one is the right choice. Mermaid hair in three or more shades of blue and turquoise is the best possible way to grab all the attention, whether you are on the street or at some event.

Braided and Crimped Hair at Once

Braided and Crimped Hair at OncePhoto:

Blonde hair is our definite favorite. In combination with different techniques such as crimping or curling your hair, you can make it look even better. That is the case with this hairstyle as well – crimped hair makes everything look better.

Elegant and Sophisticated

Elegant and SophisticatedPhoto:

Crimped hair can look bold and punk, but also it can look charming and sophisticated. When you crimp your hair and make a romantic updo like this, you can easily wear this at some of the most elegant events. It matches perfectly with long satin dresses and super high heels.

Crimped Hair for Boho Wedding

Crimped Hair for Boho WeddingPhoto:

Oh, these bohemian weddings in the woods are so pretty. We adore them. The question is – what hairstyle to choose? Crimped hair is our suggestion. It is boho with a bit of elegance and a lot of romantic vibes.

Random Crimps

Random CrimpsPhoto:

Random crips are great for those girls who like to wear their hair in a minimalistic way. When your hair is crimped all the way, that might be too much for everyday wear. However, with a medium length and random crimps like these ones, everything will be perfect.

Delicate Crimps

Delicate CrimpsPhoto:

Blonde hair, in combination with crimps, will take everyone’s breath away. However, those delicate crimps that are barely visible are the key to this hairstyle. They are not only random but not so eye-catching. This is an excellent hairstyle for both everyday and special events.

Retro Vibes

Retro VibesPhoto:

Crimped hair has made a comeback from the ‘80s. It is loved by many girls and women. You can always make it look modern, but retro vibes are unavoidable. Braid or wrap your hair into two equal parts and add some hair accessories.

Fresh from Backstage

Fresh from BackstagePhoto:

Some girls like to wear their hair extreme and eccentric. If you are one of those girls, then don’t hesitate to try something like this – it is fresh from the backstage. Slicked down from the roots to the ears and crimped from ears to the hair ends. Beautiful and unique, right?



Crimped hair and punk are in love. You can always find inspiration in this eccentric movement. Punk never dies, right? For this kind of hairstyle, you need only to crimp your hair and make it look voluminous with hair spray. Layered hair will look even better.

Minimalistic and Stylish

Minimalistic and StylishPhoto:

Crimped hair slicked at the back – this looks very minimal and stylish. You can rock this hairstyle for many different occasions. We would suggest to try it for your best friend’s wedding, with a cute and elegant white dress. The contrast will look simply fabulous.

Interesting Updo

Interesting UpdoPhoto:

What an impressive strawberry blonde punk-style hair! Instead of braiding your hair normally, start from the back of your head and braid it towards your face. Before that, crimp your hair. That is how you will get that voluminous and super interesting hairstyle. This is not for everyone, though – it is only for the brave girls!

Short Bob Crimped

Short Bob CrimpedPhoto:

Short bob is one of the most popular hairstyles. How about you crimp your hair along with it? Trust us, we know what we are talking about. You will get a chic, voluminous hairstyle that is appropriate for both casual and elegant occasions. Such short curly bob won’t leave you unnoticed!

Volume on Point

Volume on PointPhoto:

Long, relaxed hair is great for everyday wear. Young girls with thick and long hair can crimp it and make it look like in the photo above. You will need to take some time to make this hairstyle, but once you are done, you will adore it.

Crimped Braids

Crimped BraidsPhoto:

Delicate and crimped hair is not a usual combination. Mostly the crimped hair looks eye-catching and eccentric. However, this hairstyle is all about minimalism and chicness. Braids that are crimped along with the random part of your hair are adorable.

Lilac Princess

Lilac PrincessPhoto:

You might need to have thick hair for this hairstyle, but once you achieve it, you wouldn’t be able to stop looking at it. It is not only voluminous but also very authentic. The hair dye, the braid, and the crimped hair – this hairstyle has it all.

Crimped Hair + Bangs

Crimped Hair + BangsPhoto:

Bangs are a great addition to your hairstyle. They frame your face in the best possible way and make you look youngish and fresh. Crimped hair will add the casual vibe but make your hair look fantastic and so trendy.

Crimped Hair Ends

Crimped Hair EndsPhoto:

If crimped hair all the way from roots to the hair ends is too much for you, then copy this look. As you can see, only the hair ends are crimped, but they look fantastic. The rest of your hair should be brushed and slicked with a hair gel.

Massive Crimps

Massive CrimpsPhoto:

If you thought crimps are only small, you were wrong. You can make massive crimps and make them look like this. If you ever wished to look like a supermodel, now it is more than possible with this great style.