25 Braided Hairstyles for Summer Weddings

By Sarah J. Helms / Updated on January 28, 2020
Summer weddings are beautiful, as well as brides that choose to wear braids. Braided hairstyles are versatile, work with any dress, and so chic.

Braided Crown

Braided CrownPhoto: pinterest.com

Instead of wearing a silver crown, let the braid be the one. You can have short hair as well – as long as you allow the hair flow casually, with wide curls, and make a braided crown. Don’t hesitate to add some fresh flowers or branches with leaves.

Colorful Flowers

Colorful FlowersPhoto: dizzyhome.com

Colorful flowers in your hair would be more than enough to make a statement. However, you can make a braid, add these lovely flowers, and you get a fantastic summer wedding hairstyle that will leave everyone breathless.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum BlondePhoto: pinterest.com

A platinum blonde hairstyle like this will match with your white wedding gown.

You can braid not one, but a few smaller braids that will gather in a low bun. Adding the fresh flowers or in this case, wheat as a hair accessory will make this hair summer-ready.

Tousled and Braided Updo

Tousled and Braided UpdoPhoto: Instagram/@hairbycontinuum

Tying your hair up is good, but let’s make it better. By adding braids, you will provide your hair with a perfect summer vibe, as well as secure your updo. A tousled and retro hairstyle like this one is matchable with any dress you choose to wear as your wedding gown.

Gathered in a Braid

Gathered in a BraidPhoto: pinterest.com

When you have long, thick hair, every hairstyle can look excellent. Braiding your hair for the wedding day is one of the smartest things you can do. It is chic, practical, as well as eye-catching. Opt for this technique – take hair from both sides of your head, braid them, and gather them into one big and messy braid at the back.

Braided Buns

Braided BunsPhoto: pinterest.com

Buns are great, but when you braid them, they simply look gorgeous. You can do a complete updo, or leave the part of your hair casually down. This is a great summer hairstyle not only for weddings but for other special occasions. Don’t hesitate to wear sparkly earrings to complete the look.

Leaves Tiara

Leaves TiaraPhoto: the-little-wedding-corner.de

Tiaras are often hair accessory among brides to be. However, the key is to choose the one that matches your personal style, as well as your dress. This leaves tiara is versatile, romantic, with the delicate shine. You can wear it at the top of your head, at the back, and in combination with braids.

Messy at the Side

Messy at the SidePhoto: pinterest.com

While some brides tend to make their hair look flawlessly at their big day, others opt for a more messier look. If your hair is dyed in balayage technique – even better. It will appear gorgeous with all those hues.

Romantic and Delicate

Romantic and DelicatePhoto: pinterest.com

Long hair provides you with many possibilities for hairstyles. From chignons to ponytails – everything looks great on medium and longer hair. However, if you opt for something like this, we can guarantee you will look romantic and so delicate.

Twisted and Braided Chignon

Twisted and Braided ChignonPhoto: pinterest.com

Twisted hair mixed with braids can only make you look fabulous. It is romantic and bold at the same time. White flowers will only enhance the beauty of this bridal hairstyle.

Waterfall Braid

Waterfall BraidPhoto: weddinginclude.com

Waterfall braids make your hair flawless. The rest of your hair should be curled, or straight, depending on which style you want to get. Curls are usually better for summer bohemian weddings. You can also add fresh flowers.

Elegant and Braided Hair

Elegant and Braided HairPhoto: fabmood.com

If you choose open back satin or tulle dress, then you need this kind of hairstyle to complete the look. Low chignon that is twisted and braided will match with elegant dresses, diamond earrings, or long necklace.

Loose Braid Across the Head

Loose Braid Across the HeadPhoto: fabmood.com

Not all braids should be tight. You can make a massive but loose braid to frame your face and make you feel like a Goddess. With these kinds of hairstyles, you won’t need any hair accessory. Only neutral makeup and lipstick that makes a statement.


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