50 Best Lilac Hair Color examples

By Janice Wasem / Updated on August 5, 2019
Lilac hair became popular a few years ago. But that was enough time for it to stay in style until this moment. Many examples are waiting for you in our gallery.
Lilac Vanilla HairPhoto: Instagram/@chrisweberhair

This is a perfect blend of two shades – vanilla blonde and lilac. How do you like the result? We adore it, too. Vanilla lilac is an amazing combination of two shades that will leave everyone without breath.

Chocolate And Lilac MilkshakePhoto: Instagram/@hoang.n.pham

A mix of chocolate brown shade and light purplish lilac color is simply stunning. It is great for all women who want to add a bit of fun into their everyday looks.

Black and Purple LilacPhoto: Instagram/@anthurston

If you are a natural brunette or black, you can enrich your hairstyle by adding purple lilac ends.

This lovely ombre technique will provide you with an amazing look, that is perfect for both daily and night events.

Blondie VioletPhoto: Instagram/@joshwoodcolour

Short Bob

Lilac blonde hair is simply adorable. It suits all women, but especially those with fair skin complexion and bright eyes. If you are a fan of bobs, you should definitely try purple hair as well.

Waterfall Side BraidPhoto: pinterest.com

Waterfall braids look so sophisticated and pretty. You can braid all your hair or opt only for a small part of your hair. We suggest this second option. It can be an ideal option for both everyday and elegant events.

Combined BraidsPhoto: pinterest.com

Long hairstyles require special care. Braids are the perfect way to style and protect your hair at the same time. When you add interesting details or hair accessories, you get an amazing hairstyle that is great to wear all the time.

Dutch BraidsPhoto: pinterest.com

Dutch braids look like big box braids. They are less sporty than box ones, and that is what makes them perfect for every day. You can also style them for a party or a night out with friends. However, the lilac shade will make them eye-catching.

Short BraidsPhoto: einfachefrisuren.org

If you were living in the belief that box braids are only for long hair, then you were wrong. You can rock this practical hairstyle even though you are wearing a short bob. Nonetheless, if you dye your hair in lilac, there is no way you will pass unnoticed.

Like a UnicornPhoto: therighthairstyles.com

Light lilac, blue, and grey shade will make you look like a unicorn. And is there anything wrong about it? We don’t think so, either. You should style your hair in two loose fishtail braids and rock this style whenever you want.

Flowers in Your HairPhoto: hairstyletrend2019.gq

You need to know one thing – this is a hairstyle that will make you shine and overshadow everybody. Flower and braids in your hair made exactly of your natural hair look more than stunning. Once you learn how to make a flower from your natural hair, you won’t be able to stop wearing it.

Yellow and LilacPhoto: therighthairstyles.com

Yes, we know – this seems like an impossible combination for the hairstyle. However, this girl convicted us to believe otherwise. Yellow ends surely will be eye-catching, but don’t worry. We guarantee, you will have only positive comments.

Cotton Candy LilacPhoto: pinterest.com

All girls, when they are young wish they have cotton candy hair. And you know what? Maybe your childhood wish can now come true. Dye your hair into pastel lilac, and style it by twisting it from roots to the ends.

All Shades of PurplePhoto: pinterest.com

When you want to make a statement, make sure to dye your hair into three shades of purple. Starting from your roots, where you should use dark purple, over the central part of your hair with pinkish purple, all to the hair ends, where you should use lilac dye.

Punk-InspiredPhoto: therighthairstyles.com

Undercuts were back in fashion just a few years ago, and that was enough time for them to stay. Punk inspired, this undercut is perfect for bold and brave girls, not afraid of what others will say.

Braided UpdoPhoto: pinterest.com

Two shades of purple in combination with braided updo is a winner. It’s a waterfall in the central part, and then braids are twisted at the end which makes this hairstyle look complicated and so sophisticated.

Silver LilacPhoto: behindthechair.com

Gather your hair at the back with a few bobby pins for a perfect messy look. This silver lilac shade will leave everyone amazed at how good your hair looks!

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