50 Best Lilac Hair Color examples

By Janice Wasem / Updated on August 5, 2019
Lilac hair became popular a few years ago. But that was enough time for it to stay in style until this moment. Many examples are waiting for you in our gallery.
Twisted UpdoPhoto: Instagram/@evalam_

Almost black roots are blending in purple, then lilac, and in the end, it merges with a grey shade.

This hairstyle is great for everyday, officewear, but with a good piece of hair accessory, it can be amazing elegant hairstyle.

Light LilacPhoto: lovehairstyles.com

When you are not sure if you are really ready to convert from blonde to lilac, opt for this lovely light lilac shade that will be a great trial. You will love it, trust us.

Twisted BraidsPhoto: Instagram/@jeffreyrobert_

Along with this amazing grey lavender shade, there is this amazing twisted braid. The roots in lavender and ends in platinum grey seem like a stunning and eye-catching combination.

Multi-Colored HairPhoto: Instagram/@jeffreyrobert_

For all those brave girls – dye your hair in multiple shades. Add a bit of lilac, blue, and grey. Trust us, you won’t look strange at all. On the contrary, you will appear chic and eccentric at the same time. 20

Ashy Grey and Lilac HighlightsPhoto: Instagram/@bescene

Ashy grey hair dye looks beautiful in combination with dark lilac shade. They both look dimly, still very eye-catching.

Goddess Hair AccessoryPhoto: Instagram/@evalam_

For some special events, such as birthdays, engagements, and weddings, dye your hair in lilac and add a lovely gold hair accessory. You will look like Aphrodite, we can guarantee you.

Lilac Top KnotPhoto: lovehairstyles.com

Long bob with a top knot is one of the best hairstyles for everyday wear. You can absolutely rock this style at your workplace, for an after-work drink or casually for a Sunday market shopping.

Stars in Your HairPhoto: hairstyledesign.net

Hair accessories are the best way to highlight any hairstyle. Whether they are shiny bobby pins or little stars – you can be sure any dye will look perfect.

Simple yet SophisticatedPhoto: styleeasily.com

A beautiful lilac shade at its best – lovely pastel shade that is perfect for everyday wear. You can style it only with a few large waves and let it flow naturally.

Cold Lilac ShadePhoto: styleeasily.com

Cold lilac is a great shade for winter. It has this grey blend that really leaves people breathless. It looks perfect on girls with fair skin tone and bright eyes.

Ombre Lilac HairPhoto: styleeasily.com

Even though this shade is not easy to achieve, once you did it will look perfect. Long hair, waves, and ideal lilac ombre – what else can you wish?

Braided HairPhoto: styleeasily.com

Combination of loose braid at the top and fishtail braid, in the end, seems anything but boring. This fabulous hairstyle is excellent for all kinds of celebrations – weddings, birthdays, as well as parties.

Space BunsPhoto: styleeasily.com

Princess Leia hairstyle won’t ever get out of style. Two buns at the top of your hair seem youngish, cheerful, and always trendy. So, if you are a Star Wars fan, don’t hesitate to dye your hair in purple and make these lovely buns. 30

Boho VibesPhoto: styleeasily.com

Two braids on straight hair appear very bohemian. If you are thinking about going to Coachella or some other music festival, then look no further. This is a perfect lilac hairstyle for achieving a bohemian vibe.

Braided Lilac UpdoPhoto: styleeasily.com

This hairstyle simply craves for some special occasion and for you to wear it. It matches perfectly with long dresses and shiny pieces of jewelry.

Princess Fishtail BraidPhoto: styleeasily.com

Fishtail braids look so chic and lovely that we wish to wear them every day. If you dyed your hair in lilac and you wish to make it even more interesting, just make a princess fishtail braid and rock this style every day!

Stylish Messy BunPhoto: styleeasily.com

Even though this bun updo looks messy, that is exactly what makes it perfect and sophisticated. A subtle hairstyle like this is great for special events as well as for everyday wear.

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