50 Best Lilac Hair Color examples

By Janice Wasem / Updated on August 5, 2019
Lilac hair became popular a few years ago. But that was enough time for it to stay in style until this moment. Many examples are waiting for you in our gallery.

Albeit lilac became popular some time ago, it is still so trendy that all girls wish to wear it even for some special events. From silver undertones to the lovely pinkish shades – lilac is the perfect way to make a statement when you want to.

Prepare for a massive dose of inspiration – so many different techniques, dye shades, and hair lengths gathered for you to see and opt for your new haircut.

Bold and FemininePhoto: lovehairstyles.com

Lilac hair is bold and feminine at the same time.

You can decide between so many different shades of lilac, depending on your mood. Highlight your shade with these lovely wide curls.

Lilac GoddessPhoto: lovehairstyles.com

Updo like this will make you look like a Greek goddess. A shiny hair accessory is perfect for elegant celebrations, such as weddings, engagements, and birthdays.

Grey and Lilac OmbrePhoto: lovehairstyles.com

Grey roots in combination with lilac ends look great. If you make an updo like this, you will highlight this ombre technique. Flower bun is perfect for everyday wear.

Long and Beautiful Lilac HairPhoto: pinterest.com

When you have long beautiful hair, styling might come easy but also boring for some of you. However, there is nothing that can’t be solved with an updo and waves. Do you agree?

Lilac BalayagePhoto: lovehairstyles.com

Gorgeous balayage with lilac shade require maintenance. However, with proper care, you will have wonderful results. Lovely shade of purple-lilac is great for bold, brave girls, who are not afraid to show off their hairstyle.

Chocolate Lilac OmbrePhoto: lovehairstyles.com

We didn’t even know how perfect this combination of colors can be, right? Chocolate brown roots and rose pink ends will simply leave everyone without breath.

Lilac and Grey HighlightsPhoto: lovehairstyles.com

Dark roots with grey and lilac highlights – this blend is just adorable. Take care of your ends, grey highlights, and you can be sure your dye will last longer and be shiny and beautiful.

A Pinch Of LilacPhoto: Instagram/@jeffreyrobert_

If your hair is platinum blonde or grey and you are thinking about how to make it interesting, don’t worry, we have a suggestion. You should dye your ends in lilac. Just a pinch of this lovely pastel shade will make your hair appear fresh and so chic.

Lilac Hairstyle with BangsPhoto: lovehairstyles.com

If you are a fan of bangs, then there is nothing else you can do but to dye your hair in lilac and overshadow everybody. This hairstyle is great for everyday wear, night out or for some other special event – wear it with some curls or straight.

Half Up BunPhoto: glaminati.com

Half up bun is one of those fantastic hairstyles that you can wear every day, all day long. From your workplace to home cooking – it is a great hairstyle for those girls who like low hair maintenance. When your hair is lilac, this hairstyle is even more interesting.

Classy BobPhoto: haircutcraze.com

Sometimes, we are wondering where good-old bob hairstyle went. However, in some moment of the year, bob comes back to style. This lovely bob is great for all women that like the classic style but with a twist, lilac dyed hair.

Short Bob with WavesPhoto: haircutcraze.com

If you like to wear short hair, then this might be the right hairstyle for you. Straight bob with waves is one of the most popular hairstyles among both young girls and women. Lilac hair will highlight your waves.

Platinum Blonde with Lilac EndsPhoto: stylezco.com

For all girls with platinum blonde hair lilac ends are a great way to make your hairstyle excited. Both of these shades are hard for maintenance, but once you find the right products this hairstyle can look gorgeous.

Dark Lilac RootsPhoto: pinterest.com

Long bob, the lob is one of the most practical hairstyles, that we adore. Lilac shade blended on your lob can look absolutely amazing. From dark roots, across lighter highlights and ends – everything seems beautiful for everyday wear.

Lavender Lilac ShadePhoto: lovehairstyles.com

Have you ever wished to have lavender shade on your hair? Trust us, it is more than possible. You can make this hairstyle even chicer by letting your ends be in the lighter shade, that looks almost like grey.

Blonde Lavender with WavesPhoto: Instagram/@rossmichaelssalon

Girls with long hair are lucky. Their hair colors can be more highlighted, and they can absolutely blend more shades on their extremely long hair. Lavender roots blend into grey ends creating a beautiful balance between these two cold shades.

Braided UpdoPhoto: Instagram/@evalam_

Braids are one of the most beautiful ways to style your hair. And can you imagine how braids look on lilac hair? If you are nodding, then you just need to check out this lovely hairstyle.

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