Blogger Sazan Hendrix lets her natural brunette curls shine in this curly lob

30+ Hairstyles You Must See: Amazing Hair Style Ideas For Spring

This season is all about texture. Instead of trying to coax your hair into something it’s not, this spring, everyone is embracing their natural hair texture and working with what you’ve got.

Spending 2 hours to get the perfect “I woke up like this” hair is a thing of the past, so ask your stylist for one of these low-maintenance cuts.

Messy Chic: The Modern Shag

Take inspiration from your favorite rockers of the 70s and 80s— glam rock is back, but this time with a little more glam and a little less hairspray.

To get this layered hair look, your stylist should cut short, choppy layers using scissors or a razor. A texturizing powder or spray will bring those piece-y bits out and give your hair major volume.

Add bangs to change things up a bit. You can adapt this style to any length of hair that’s either straight or wavy.

The short shag: sharp, choppy layers

Embrace messy chic with this chin-length haircut. Here a blogger Wiktoria from Confassion has cut her jet black into short, choppy layers.Photo:

The medium shag: gorgeous, wispy texture

If your hair isn't much longer than your shoulders, you might be a candidate for this textured style. Hairstylist Elaina Badro has cut ear-length and chin length layers into this shoulder-grazing dark brown cut with subtle highlights.Photo: Instagram

The long shag: shoulder-grazing layers

These long layers on makeup artist Brittanie Evans have been seen on the likes of actresses such as Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively. Unlike the short shag, Brittanie's long, dark brown layers start at her shoulders.Photo: Instagram

The wavy shag: effortless chic

If you've got naturally wavy hair, this is the perfect haircut for you. This shoulder-length layered look by stylist Johnny Ramirez perfectly complements a sun-kissed honey ombre.Photo: Instagram

The straight shag: low-maintenance glamor

This is how anyone with straight hair can wear this cool blonde, medium length layered style. Use texture spray or powder to make your layers stand out.Photo:

Long shag with side-swept bangs: length and beauty

Worn with a long, wavy chestnut brown 'do, fashion blogger Sonja embodies messy-chic.Photo:

Straight-across bangs shag: the ultimate “bedhead” look

If side bangs are not for you, consider blunt bangs instead. This brunette model has added straight-across bangs to her long, wavy shag haircut for a funky rocker look.Photo: Pinterest

Short but Sweet: The Lob

The “lob” is having a moment. Whether you’ve grown out a cute bob or you just want a new style that’s easy, comfortable, and stylish, you can’t go wrong with a long bob.

Loc’d lob: natural symmetry

If you're a natural girl, get inspired by this perfect lob. This model has gone for dark red locs cut into an angled long bob with layers.Photo: Pinterest

Textured lob: the next big thing

The textured lob is the "it" hairstyle of Spring 2017. Models were seen with these shoulder-length cuts with textured, thinned-out ends. This particular model is sporting sun-kissed highlights in this shoulder-length hairstyle.Photo: Pinterest

Layered lob: effortlessly dynamic

Similar to the textured lob, the layered lob is not just thinned out at the ends but all over. This fashion blogger shows off her dark brown layered long bob.Photo:

Box braid lob: tried and true

Another way natural girls can cash in on the lob trend is to get shoulder-length box braids.Photo: Pinterest

Curly lob: stunning shape and dimension

Blogger Sazan Hendrix lets her natural brunette curls shine in this curly lobPhoto:

Wavy lob: classic and understated

Carolyn from Hey Pretty Thing combines a subtle dark brown ombre with a wavy, shoulder-length 'do.Photo:

Curly afro lob: stunning length

Brazilian blogger Rayza Nicácio's dark brown curls reach just slightly past her shoulders in this fantastic natural hairstyle.Photo:

Blunt lob: simplicity is key

Manon, a blogger from the Netherlands, has decided to go with a platinum ombre blunt lob. When you've got a bold hair color, sometimes a simple cut is best.Photo:

Bangs, center parts, and small ways to change up your style

If you’re currently growing your hair out or are simply happy with your current length, try making some small changes with a big impact.

If you’re easily bored with your hair, bangs are a great way to create interest. Changing your part is even less commitment.

Try out one of these styles for a slightly different look. You might want to consider changing hair color this spring as well.

Messy bangs: style with an edge

A perfect way to get that trendy textured look without changing your length is to cut some messy bangs. This fashion blogger's got her dark brown hair pulled back to highlight her piece-y, eyebrow-length bangs.Photo:

Straight-across bangs: a tried and true favorite

Enviable straight-across bangs are accentuated with longer chin-length pieces. We love how her bangs stand out with her dark brown hair pulled back into a neat chignon.Photo:

Brigette Bardot curtain bangs: ’70s throwback

Modern Brigitte Bardot-style curtain bangs are parted in the center. You can keep them shorter at eyebrow length or longer at ear-length. Here the boasting wispy golden blonde bangs sweep from the eyes to the ears.Photo:

Center part: neat and symmetrical

Layers and bangs aren't the only way to change things up. An easy way to get a new look is to change the part, like this long straight black bob with a center part.Photo: Instagram

Deep side part: off-center drama

Beautiful natural curls parted on one side. We love the brown highlights mixed in with black hair.Photo: Instagram

Beautiful natural curls parted on one side. We love the dark brown hair with highlights.

Crazy for Curls: Gorgeous Curly Looks

This year is all about embracing your hair’s own texture; there’s no need to straighten your beautiful coils into oblivion.

Get inspired by some of these curly styles that will play up your hair’s natural texture. Alternatively, you can play with crimped hair as well.

Layered curls: boosting your curls’ natural shape

Layers are not limited to straight or wavy hair - see how this blogger's beautiful caramel brown curls are sculpted into a long, flattering style using layers.Photo:

Curly, voluminous bob: short and chic

Top blogger, model, photographer, and creative director Zanita Whittington wears her natural curls in an ash blonde bob.Photo: Instagram

Curly bangs: playful details

Gorgeous black to gold curly ombre hair is thrown up in a bun, letting us admire the eye-grazing curly bangs.Photo: Pinterest

Short curly bob: boyish and cute

Chop that length off in preparation for warmer temperatures! This model has cropped her black curly hair at ear length, framing her jaw line and feminine features.Photo: Pinterest

Chop that length off in preparation for warmer temperatures! This model has made an amazing shaggy bob haircut by cropping her black curly hair at ear length, framing her jaw line and feminine features.

For Something Completely Different: Total Makeovers

Now more than ever is the time to take the plunge and go for a whole new look.

What’s holding you back? Whether it’s a super short ‘do or some long extensions, turn heads with a brand spankin’ new look.

Buzz cut: the showstopper

If you're looking for a drastic change for Spring, copy this blonde buzz haircut. Seen on celebrities such as Amandla Stenberg, Maria Borges, and Amber Rose, this cut sure will make a statement.Photo:

Long textured blunt cut: thoroughly modern

Modern blunt cut with tapered endsPhoto: Instagram

Blunt bangs with short bob: timeless classic

This adorable look has never gone out of style. Pair it with a choker and a subtle ombre for a 90s revival look.Photo:

Curly faux hawk: edgy and cool

Less drastic than an undercut but undoubtedly just as stylish, the faux hawk is a style curlies can pull off with ease. The model's dark brown tresses fall just below her eye on one side of the part while the other side is cropped to just a few inches.Photo: Pinterest

Long extensions: add that length

Ah, if only we could snap our fingers and grow our hair to our waist! Well, extensions are the next best thing.Photo:

Straight pixie cut: show off your facial features

Light brown hair cropped in a cute pixiePhoto:

Chin Length Bob: ’20s Nostalgia

Fashion blogger Amy Roiland turns heads in her black, flapper-inspired short bob.Photo:

Curly/wavy pixie: funky and fun

No matter your curl pattern, a pixie cut is always a good idea. Wavy or curly haired girls like Karla of popular blog Karla's Closet will absolutely adore this light and playful haircut.Photo: