26 Insanely Popular Braids For Long Hair

By Sarah J. Helms / Updated on July 2, 2019
Girl with a messy half-up fishtail braid

We all know that trends come and go. But some things stay no matter what. This we can say about braided hairstyles. Although braids change and evolve, going from simple to more sophisticated and vice versa, but in general – no matter what, braids are here to stay.

Boxer braids, fishtails, messy or side – there are so many options. We are sure – everyone can find their favorite hairstyle with braids.

So, check these inspiring examples, and… happy braiding!

The Ultimate Messy Braid

These perfectly undone braids are easy to create with textured hair and loose braiding.

To achieve a more undone look try leaving pieces out in the front to frame your face and add texture.

If you are the type of girl that loves that “I really didn’t try” look this type of braids is for you.

Woman with overly messy braid. This is super chic yet looks effortless.Photo: thebeautydepartment.com
Girl with an overly loose braid with some twisting.Photo: Instagram/@thomclothing
Girl with a messy braid.Photo: unsolstiziodestate.tumblr.com
Blonde with a messy braid.Photo: Instagram/@amberfillerup
Two-sided messy braidPhoto: loubnameron.com
Girl with a chunky braid and blue sweater.Photo: pinterest.com
Girl with a short messy braid while wearing a leather jacket.Photo: pinterest.com

Boxer Braids

You have probably seen these boxer braids everywhere you look because they are the hottest hairstyle. You can do so many different things with these that the possibilities are endless.

Some women like wearing their boxer braids messy and others love a clean, sleek braid. For an unexpected twist, combine the two braids at the end to form one chunky braid.

Woman with messy boxer braids. She chose to conceal her ponytails by wrapping her hair around them.Photo: pinterest.com
Sleek boxer braidsPhoto: loubnameron.com
Girl with Dutch long, ombré double braids.Photo: pinterest.com
Girl with neat boxer braidsPhoto: trend2wear.com

Half-Up Fishtail

We are in love with this easy to do half-updo that looks great on any hair. Instead of doing a full fishtail, try this half fishtail that is super beachy.

This braid is the grown-up version of the half up ponytail we wore as kids. You can also make it messier by pulling apart the braid when you finish it.

Girl with a half-up fishtail hairstyle. She looks beachy yet, chic with this cool girl style.Photo: bloglovin.com
Girl with twisted half-up messy fishtail braid.Photo: pinterest.com
Girl with a small half up fishtail braid.Photo: pinterest.com
Girl with half-up fishtail braidPhoto: braidsandstyles12.tumblr.com
Girl with silver hair wearing half up fishtail braid.Photo: pinterest.com
Girl with a messy half-up fishtail braidPhoto: pinterest.com

Side Braids

Side braids look simple and is considered one of the easiest hairstyle trends (we all know how to braid, right?). However, there are plenty of options how to get it right. Loose boho style or sleek and tidy, schoolgirl-ish or messy – find the one for your style and mood.

Girl with a long side braidPhoto: w-i-t-c-h-e-r-y.tumblr.com
Girl with a long side braidPhoto: Flickr/@monia_merlo
Beautiful woman with a long side braidPhoto: fiercehair.tumblr.com
Girl with a voluminous and long side braidPhoto: pinkwinged.tumblr.com
A blonde with a long side braidPhoto: pinterest.com
Massive and long side braidPhoto: inspiration2creation.tumblr.com
Girl with sleek and simple side braidPhoto: Instagram/@cosmo_by_erika

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