Hair is loosely made into a bun with hair strands in the front, paired with a little hair band

19 Hot Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles

For every lady out there, it becomes really important to have that perfect hairstyle which she is able to pull off the entire day, without making unnecessary trips to the ladies room, to ensure it’s in its right place. Hair styling is important and if it is really quick and easy, then you have literally hit the jackpot.

How you carry your hair varies with the length of it, however, the most common among the beauties, is the shoulder hair length. Let’s just agree with the fact that shoulder length hair does give us a lot of options to play with and in the end, it just ends up looking gorgeous!!

Pull off a beautiful hairdo even with thin hair in this bob.Photo:

If you thought thin hair could not be pulled off in beautiful hairdo, then think again. By throwing in little layers to thin hair, will not only make it volumized but will give you a lot to do with it. Like this layered collarbone bob gives a luscious look and if you add in a simple hair band twist to it, it will give you a new look. This twist will also keep the bangs away from the face, in the hot summer sun, yet giving a high-spirited look.

Forget about boring buns and try this messy braid.Photo:

Don’t want to have a rigid boring bun, but yet want it to be tied back; well then this one is for you. A simple messy braid starting from the center parting, going all the way down and then taken in one handful of loosely tied hair knot. While you are at it do not forget to leave few strands hanging, to add in perfection to the messy look. A brilliant effortless look, done in minutes and you don’t need to be a pro for this.

Try this simple do with a bun and an accessory.Photo:

Oh, simplicity at its peak! Looking for a hair do for that special occasion? Well this is it! Start with a little backcombing at the crown, to give a little bit of a volume, with center parting at its best, loosely bring together the hair in a low tied bun. Also, leave out a strand or two from the front to add a little more style. Also, if you think it might end up being too simple or boring for you, then accessorize with a little hairband, to add the cherry on the top!

You can never go wrong on any occasion with a ponytail.Photo:

Ponytails! One can never go wrong with it. It does not only look good for any occasion but literally takes up seconds to make this hairstyle, which is a blessing. With straight hair, it looks even better. Just brush your hair up in a secure ponytail, add in bobby pins to give it its strength for the day. Also, if you want to add in more of diva look, then wrap a thick stand of the hair around the elastic hairband, securing it with more hair pins and there you have it a magnificent look, in a blink of an eye.

Keep it short and simple with bangs and a bun.Photo:

Keeping it short and simple for an everyday look, this hairdo works for almost all the beauties out there. If you are running late or are feeling too lazy to do anything about your hair, yet want it to look great, then this one is for you. Bangs will add in extra flavor to this hair style. Loosely take all the hair and tie it in a knot, but remember to keep it loose. Also, add in a light back combing at the crown to give it volume and there you go, a sleek hairstyle which can be done for literally any occasion.

Go wild with this shoulder length curly do and bangs.Photo:

Go wild with this shoulder length hairdo, bangs tossed in with scrunched up curls, can just bring out the party girl in you. With this you don’t need to worry about your hair being in place at all times because here is a little secret, the messier it gets the better it looks. Still if you feel you are not really up for too much of a messy look then just run your fingers through the scrumptious soft curls, in order to tame them.

Giving you an effortless and sleek look, this lob do is perfect for an evening out.Photo:

The feathered lob, perfect for an evening out, from being effortless to giving a sleek look, this hairstyle is out there for girls who don’t really want to spend hours before the mirror for the perfect hairdo, yet want to get noticed. Also, scrunching it while it’s wet for a bit of softer curls, will do wonders and will definitely get you the compliments for that beautiful hair.

Replace your old bangs with a fringe.Photo:

Another easy to carry look for shoulder-length hair, where fringes can replace the role of bangs, ladies who are bored of the same old bangs can go for this one. Start with backcombing at the crown and roughly pin it up, while letting rest of the hair enjoy the breeze.

An easy and quick hairdo to keep hair away from the face for hot seasonal days is this simple braid style.Photo:

Another one of easy and quick hairdos for the ladies, this will keep the hair away from the face for those hot seasonal days. A simple braid brought together from both ends and tied at the back, to give a unique sleek look. Also, to give volume at the crown to make the hairdo look more sophisticated, use a little back combing.

Look feminine in this soft curls with a simple twist.Photo:

Casual soft curls always come in handy and are really easy to carry in a hair do. To add a bit more of a flavor to the hair style, you can add a simple twisted braid, which is really easy to make and takes up about seconds. After you are done just pin it up and there you go, you have a nice sweet girl look.

Pull off this sideways hairdo with a little backcombing at the crown.Photo:

Another ponytail hairdo, which can be worn at any time of the day, this sideways tied hair can be pulled off by all the beauties out there. A slight backcombing at the crown can break the monotony of tied hair and sideways parting can also add on to the casualness of this low-tied ponytail, moreover, you can pin your bangs sideways in order to let the ponytail work its magic.

Keep the entire hair sideways to create a different look that is genius.Photo:

Keeping the entire hair sideways to create a different look is not only simple but genius. A simple middle parted hair, with really soft waves, kept towards one side just creates one easy look to carry. Also, if you want to secure this look for hours without making your fingers go through it again and again, then just lock it down with bunch of bobby pins at the back of your head.

Look interesting to onlookers by copying this loose up do bun.Photo:

A spontaneous up do bun, which is not only interesting but also playful to work with. Start off parting the hair from the middle and take few strands at the crown and back comb it. Loosely take all of the hair, while allowing few stands to fall on the face in the process and tie it in a bun, secure it with pins and flaunt it around for hours.

Look sleek in this tight low bun.Photo:

Another sleek bun, this one can be worn in evenings or on those special events you are looking forward to. A sideways parting of hair, pulled down in a tight smooth low bun. For this hair do, ensure that you catch all those hair strands and tie it together in a low bun, to attain perfection.

Look effortless in this scrunched up do.Photo:

Soft, crunched up hairstyle for shoulder lengthed hair, seemingly effortless. With no defined parting, just letting the hair follow its own course, such layered hair is easy and efficient to carry, not to mention it just looks great. Let it loose in the front or sweep it behind the ear, it will still look wonderful.

Letting hair fall naturally after drying it can give the ultimate look.Photo:

A quick blow-dry can do wonders if you have got time on your hands. Letting your hair fall naturally after drying it, can give you the ultimate look without you need to worry about it the entire day. Add in backcombing to the crown, to give height to the entire hairdo, this will not only give structure to the hairstyle but with also give your hair the ultimate bounce it needs, to make those heads turn around.

Charm in this hairdo as you do not need perfect hair to pull this off.Photo:

For that hot summer day, this half tied up knot will charm its way through. This hairdo does not require that perfect hair to be pulled off, but in fact, any type of hair will be just right for it. Just take half of the hair and tie it together in a messy knot over the head. In the process loosen up the tied hair right under the knot, to give this hairstyle its edge.

Look sleek and casual in this middle parted do with soft waves.Photo:

A middle parting along with soft waves gives you casual, sleek and plain gorgeous hair style. You can play with it by adding in a twisted braid to one side, bringing out the drama of this plain simple elegant look.

Waves are the way to go for shoulder length hair.Photo:

Waves are the way to go for shoulder length hair, either give the hair a little scrunch when wet or use tongs to give it an extra twist and it’s a guarantee that curls will become your best friend. These soft curls can be pitched together with some backcombing at the crown, to give it a bit of a structure. To keep the entire hairdo intact, you can just braid the frontal stands of the hair and bring it to the back to pin it up. From the office to parties, wear it anywhere.