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16 Excellent Hairstyles for Long Hair

You may not admit it but we were born vain, narcissistic creatures. Embedded deep within us is our need to be distinguished and to stand out among the rest. While men hanker after power and influence, us, women languish for beauty and splendor. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup are our most efficient tools to accentuate our looks.

Know that our long hair is our best accessory; it is our crowning glory! Therefore, whenever you feel like cutting your hair because you have decided to go simple, believe me, you are just acting on a whim. Simplicity means bland, not beauty. Soon you will only find yourself regretting losing your long beautiful mane.

Yes, short hair sure is practical. It is low maintenance, and styling is a breeze with short hair. Who needs tons of polish, hair sprays, pins, scrunchies and whatnot when you only have a pixie haircut? Having short hair is convenient and hassle free without any doubt. However, if you wish to look dazzling enough to steal your crush or leave a fresh impression on others, a little fussing is crucial! Styling your locks does not have to be a chore.

Here is a list of excellent hairstyles for long hair that will absolutely make you love your hair even more:

1. Queen Elsa’s Loose Side Braid

I am pretty sure a lot of us have been drooling over Queen Elsa’s loose side braid ever since we first saw her on Disney’s movie, Frozen. Although Queen Elsa’s hair looks quite unrealistically voluminous, you can still recreate her hairstyle as long as you have long hair. If you have thick hair, the better. For best results, do this braid a couple of hours or a day after you wash your hair and avoid hair polish of any kind. It is crucial for your hair to get a little shaggy. It will be hard for the braid to hold in place when your hair is smooth and silky otherwise. Queen Elsa’s loose side braid hairstyle is ideal for both casual hangouts and formal events. As soon as the party starts, you can just let it go!

Look like Queen Elsa from Frozen in this fun and loose side braid.Photo:

2. The Hair Bow

Who needs to buy a hair bow when you can make one using your own hair? Having a hair bow is just one of the myriad perks of having long hair. This cute fancy hairstyle is so easy; you can do it in a jiffy! Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kelly Osbourne were spotted wearing this hairstyle. Take a stroll in the park, go shopping with your friends, or go out on a date with your beau. Wherever you go, whatever you do, this cute hair bow hairstyle will make you look perfectly sweet all day through.

Create this easy ribbon using your own hair.Photo:

3. The Dutch Braid

If you want to try something new, you can start with the Dutch braid. The Dutch braid seems complicated at first, but it gets easier the more times you try it. Always pull the strands firm and tight to achieve a neat braid. Do it slowly and meticulously; there’s no need to rush. It may really take a little while for you to finish your first few braids, but once you master the Dutch braid you will always be able to pull off a cool yet sexy look anytime, anywhere.

Pull off a cool yet sexy look anytime with the dutch braid.Photo:

4. The Tuck and Cover Half

The tuck and cover half hairstyle is one of the most coveted hairstyles today. It’s chic and very easy to do. All you need is a scarf or a stretchy headband with your favorite designs. You may use hair wax or hair spray to give your hair some added grip. It is the hairstyle perfect for spring and summer! If the wind catches your hair letting flyaways slip, just tuck them right into the band. Wear a dainty floral dress or printed shorts matched with a pair of bright colored doll shoes, and you will look radiant as the sun.

This chic and coveted hairstyle is very easy with a scarf or headband.Photo:

5. The Big Braided Bun

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for hiring a hairstylist to make you look fabulous for just a day when you can create easy yet elegant hairstyles yourself. Imagine what wonders an old sock and a few bands can do. With the right dress and makeup, the big braided bun hairstyle will definitely make you look and feel like a million bucks!

No more spending hundreds of dollars hiring a stylist when you can create this easy big braided bun yourself.Photo:

6. Romantic Waves

Before he sweeps you off your feet, make sure you make him fall head over heels for you first! Getting these soft luscious waves are actually easier than you might think. You no longer have to brainstorm for ideas and options of hairstyles because this hairstyle fits any face shape. Very feminine and sensual, your date will definitely find you irresistible.

Make him fall head over heels for you by getting these soft, luscious waves.Photo:

7. The Long Mohawk

Several cultures believe that hair holds life force. They believe that longer hair contains the power that makes one capable of accomplishing greater things. That might not be true, but long hair does make you feel empowered especially if you rock the long Mohawk. This hairstyle is perfect for the fierce and feisty woman whose confidence is up to par with her nimble wits and natural beauty. You can add a hair accessory to this hairstyle or make a few tweaks for that perfect day to night transition.

Look fierce and a boss by rocking the long mohawk.Photo:

8. Half Updo with Soft Waves

Most men prefer women with long hair. If you are in doubt, ask your boyfriend or your guy friends. Why? Simply because they find it very feminine, sexy, and attractive. Why do you think Barbie has long hair anyway? The half up-do with soft waves will definitely bring all the femininity and sexiness in you. Quick and easy to do, you surely won’t be late again for your next date!

This half updo will definitely bring all the femininity and sexiness in you.Photo:

9. Updo with Bangs

If you prefer bangs to waves but still want an up-do, you can always opt for this hairstyle instead. This up-do with bangs has a sweet innocence look to it compared to the half up-do with waves. Don’t cut your bangs too wide though to avoid the dorky look. This hairstyle is most flattering if you have very sleek and straight hair.

Get an innocent look with this updo with bangs.Photo:

10. The High Crown Braid

Everybody wants to look pristine especially if it’s a special occasion such as a wedding, a gala affair, or the prom night. Unfortunately, we don’t have a fairy godmother like Cinderella who’ll treat us to a savvy hairstylist and buy a shimmering Zac Posen dress. However, you can do a little magic with your hands. You can never go wrong if you choose the high crown braid as your official hairstyle of the day/night. You can add a few embellishments to your hair for more added effect. With this hairstyle, even wearing a little black dress can make you look and feel like royalty.

Look regal and pristine attending special occasions with this royal hairstyle.Photo:

11. Daenerys Targaryen’s Signature Hair

If you recognize this hairstyle in a split second, then you must be a fan of Game of Thrones. Khaleesi may have a very long name that is quite difficult to recall, but her signature hairstyle, which is uniquely hers, is absolutely something you can easily remember… and copy. Paired with a stunning long gown, you will look just as feisty and drop-dead gorgeous as the Mother of Dragons.

Look feisty and drop-dead gorgeous with Khaleesi's signature hairstyle.Photo:

12. The Messy Side Braid

I know you get a little too thrilled when your crush finally asks you on a date, but don’t let him know how frantic you are by pulling off an over the top look. The messy side braid is the ideal hairstyle for a date, especially when it’s your first. It’s cute, sweet, and just a little flirtatious. It’s the epitome of getting all dolled-up without being too obvious.

An ideal hairstyle for a first date, this messy side braid won't make you look too eager.Photo:

13. The Cotton Candy Bun

Having long hair gives you the chance to look different every single day! It provides you an array of options for creating and improvising hairstyles. If buns and top knots are dear to you, then you will also love this cute fluffy cotton candy bun hairstyle! Shake things up a bit and rock this style on the weekend as you paint the town red with your friends. This hairstyle is cute, fun, and everything in between! You may also add a ribbon to add more cuteness.

If buns and top knots are your thing, then you will love this cute fluffy cotton candy bun style.Photo:

14. Silky Side Swept Curls

This gorgeous standard-looking hairstyle is great for any event. The best part about it? It is low maintenance. You can easily get these soft luscious curls by simply wrapping loose strands around a wand curling iron and combing it slowly and carefully. This hairstyle features your gorgeous gold-streaked layers.

Thi low maintenance, yet gorgeous hairstyle will look good for any event.Photo:

15. The Low Rolled Bun

Whether you are heading for a job interview or catching up with an old friend over a cup of coffee, this low rolled bun hairstyle is definitely sweet and chic.

Whether going to a job interview or hanging out with friends, try this sweet and chic style.Photo:

16. Faux Shaven Side

She who dares to wear the faux shaven side hairstyle surely welcomes a gamut of impressions about her character. This hairstyle is for the fierce feisty woman who is not afraid of trying out something new. One cannot help but look extremely attractive with this hairstyle. It’s cool, edgy, sweet, and sexy all the same time.

Long hair offers versatility. You can be a rocker chick one day and a sultry princess the next. Bobs and pixies had their few moments in the limelight too, but long hair never runs out of styles. Rather, it never goes out of style! The world frowns on your monotonous choice of hairstyles. It’s time to be playful and experiment on new, fresh and exciting ones. As long as you keep your locks healthy and shiny, you will always feel and look luxurious whatever style you prefer.

Look fierce and feisty with this faux shaven head do.Photo: