Worn with a very long fringe and side parted

15 Alluring Straight Hairstyles

When you have curly hair, you generally want it straight. If you have dead-iron straight hair you wish you had a kink in it. We are never happy, but why not work with what you have. There is no reason you can’t have that latest trendy straight cut, even if your hair springs into tiny curls at the sight of a damp day. GHD’s are a brilliant invention!

Whatever your fancy or style, straight hair is here to stay. Every year the fashion bloggers highlight the best and worst hairstyles of the year. They tell us what to avoid and what to try mimic. And we say try mimic. However, not everyone’s face suits a certain type of hairstyle.

Round faces suit longer styles. Square faces should avoid bobs. Long faces should avoid very long, flat hairstyles. Just to name a few.

Straight hair, no matter the length always stays in fashion. So let us explore the most alluring straight hairstyles for 2016 and give you a low down on what will work for what shape face.

1. Short and Sharp

Short hair is still in and sexy. And having a funky straight cut is super in! From extra short to just a bit longer but not tie-up long, we have it all right here.

Try this sexy side sweep, behind-the-ear cut for a funky vibe.Photo: pinterest.com

The side sweeping, behind-the-ear cut, that gives this short straight bob a funky, pixie way about it. You can either go longer on the one side or even-stevens on both sides. It is soft, feminine and accentuates a long, slim neck nicely. Take a long thin roller brush to the fringe and gently curve the hair towards the ear.

Best for a longer face and slim neck for attitude.Photo: Haircutweb.com

This is a Rhianna-inspired short cut. We have it tapered and cut into the nape of the neck, short fuller sides, pixie style around the ears and a longer fringe to give that softer, feminine look. This style will suit a longer face and slim neck. Puff it up a bit with a blow-dry and a medium sized roller brush. And then finger-style the ends for that jagged edge.


This is vibey, funky and messed up. A style like this gives you that edge, that mover and shaker look. It is easy to style with a wash and go effect. Think ‘bedhead’, ‘wake-up style’ and ‘ruffled feathers’. A short fringe, with a slightly longer length on the top, cut in short at the neck and a little wispy around the ears. Use some wax on the ends to give that shiny and clean-cut look.

Feel cheeky in this stylish do.Photo: Becomegorgeous.com

Twiggy comes to mind with this short bob that envelopes the entire head in a cheeky manner. The difference being with the flicked out kicker on the one side. Blow-dried forward from a low back crown, this style needs to be shaped around the face with a medium sized roller brush and a lot of patience. A pointy-faced chin will pull off this look perfectly, although I’ve seen long faces also rocking this style.

Sport this look and give off that edgy, saucy vibe.Photo: Short-hair.com

Classy, punchy and no-nonsense are words that come to mind with this modern cut. Short backs and sides with a longer spikey fringe, zigzagged this way and that. It requires that you use a very thin roller brush pulling the hair forward and leaving those ends jagged. Funky for sure!

This compliments naturally straight and thin hair.Photo: Mobile.ukhairdressers.com

Smooth operator. This style definitely suits naturally straight and thinner hair. A longer fringe combed over from either side and sometimes long enough to tuck behind the ear. The length in the neck tapers nicely into a neat V. A very smooth and very sophisticated look.

2. ‘Med’iocre Styles

And by mediocre, we don’t mean mundane or boring, not by any means. Medium length straight cuts are great. Think Jennifer Aniston! Always a winner and always in.

Feel like a winner when donning this sexy do.Photo: Short Hairstyles.co

Wispy, soft and clean-cut. This style will lend better to a rounder face. Generally stopping just short of the top of the shoulders, a style that stands the test of time. It can be worn behind the ears or flowing over and slightly swept over the forehead. As you want the wispy ends, stop short with your medium roller brush and let those jagged ends graze your jacket lapels.

Be simple and chic in this straight do.Photo: Onlygeo.tumblr.com

All one length and parted down the middle. To avoid this style looking flat against the scalp, fluff it up a bit with an upside down blow-dry. Following that a big roller dry or GHD down to the ends.

Great for round and heart-shaped faces.Photo: Hairstylesoo.com

The way to get this look is with a layered cut using a thinning scissors. This style also prefers a rounder, heart-shaped face. Shorter in the fringe area which flutters over the eyes. A slow taper down to the neck with uneven ends, makes for a Tinkerbelle effect. Most times the back is super short, cutting in at the gentle nape of the neck. Feminine and while a little high maintenance, is super classy.

Look flirty in this hip look.Photo: Short-haircut.com

Just off the shoulder length, this style has that hip and happening look. While you will use a straightener or thin roller brush to get the straightness, you want to allow the ends to spike up a bit. An in-between and wind-swept fridge gives you that just walked in out the weather look.

Achieve the bad-ass look with this myriad of lengths hairstyle.

Space-age comes to mind with this straighter than straight, new-age style. Never mind the color, it’s a myriad of lengths, all going in different directions but making up a bad-ass look. When wet your hair won’t resemble much at all, but blow-dried and spiked up, you will be rocking that indie-rocker brand. From a shorter bob top to longer prickly pear ends, this style would suit a heart shape faced.

3. The Long and Short Of It

Hair that flows beyond the shoulders, but not too long, is always endearing and oh so feminine. The richness of the colour offset against the straight strands makes for a pretty picture every time. Watch for split ends and you will be styling this length in no time.

A feminine touch of color and texture.

We want a long flowing fringe that can be neatly tucked behind one ear or simply flowing down into the length of the cut. A side path works best here. The ends need not be too cleanly cut, a little uneven works well. Long, even strokes of your thin roller brush will ensure you don’t puff this style up too much. You want the hair to sit flat on the head but not to flat.

This long straight style is a classic.Photo: Yourbeauty411

Sleek and smooth, this long straight style is a classic. Worn with a very long fringe and side parted. Simply beautiful. This style suits hair that is quite thick and full of volume. If you want to try pull it off with thinner hair then take a real big roller brush, loads of mouse and long strokes, out and up. As the hair needs to be super long, you may need a little assistance after a few hours of brushing. Arm cranking!

This look elongates your face and flatters most face shapes.Photo: Pophaircuts

Kinky but essentially straight, longer than long, down to the waist. With a little bit of a shorter fringe, leading into the long locks. Plumped up a bit this style allows the wearer to have a longer face to pull it off nicely, although a pixie-pointed-chin shape is best. Wispy, uneven ends make for a slightly messed up long look. Using a medium roller brush you can get the bangs to sit on top of the forehead for that slightly puffed up style, with a side path.

4. Bang It Up

Bangs are back and pairing the bangs with a longer, straighter length is definitely all the rage. A daring look that needs a little bit of elbow grease but is worth the patience and muscle tone.

Wispy ends meet blunt bangs, power combo.Photo: Becomegorgeous.com

Wispy ends meet blunt bangs. A long clean, square cut fringe reaching from the crown of the head to frame the face. The wispy ends lend to a care-free look but the bangs say “look at me, I’m here!” A very definitive style and requires a big roller brush to get that fringe perfectly bowled over the forehead. Be prepared for arm-aching work here. Because of the box shape, it would suit a rounder face, to soften off the edges.

So whether you think you don’t have the hair to pull off a straight cut look or desperately need to take out shares in a GHD, there is a style out there that’s suitable for your shape face. The shape of your face most definitely depicts the hairstyle you should be sporting. When it comes to straight styles, you want to make sure you don’t pull your longer face down too much, making it even longer looking, or make your rounder pumpkin look even rounder.

Straight styles are here to stay and as you can see there are many varieties of choices. From super short, to medium on-the-shoulder, to down to the butt lengths. All with a twist and dynamic edge to give you that edge.

So choose your length and rock that straight hairstyle.