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20 Bomber Jackets To Express Your Personality In Spring

By Kaia Saunders / April 24, 2017

Flight jacket may have become stylish and classy lately, but been a cult classic for ages. Originally designed for army aviators, they have fitted right in the fashion industry. Who has expected before that those guys can fly through catwalks and streets as well as in the air? Photo: classisinternal.com The black will never let […]


40+ Amazing Looks to Get You Into The Spirit Of Spring

By Kaia Saunders / March 30, 2017

Every year around this time, a shift happens. Days become a bit brighter, and the sun sets a little later. There’s a new lightness in the air and a fresh sense of excitement all around. It’s the start of spring, and that means it’s time for fun, flirty fashion. We say farewell to heavy fabrics […]


See Why Stripes Are All Over This Spring: 25 Outfits with Vertical Stripes

By Kaia Saunders / March 4, 2017

Few patterns in your wardrobe will work quite as hard as stripes. No wonder we’ve been seeing this classic design pop up everywhere this season – from masculine button-down shirts to soft, flowing dresses. Forget the naysayers who claim that stripes are unflattering. It all comes down to how you wear them. Horizontal stripes, for […]


Vintage Looks: A Collection Of Amazing Vintage Outfits For Winter

By Kaia Saunders / February 20, 2017

Fashion is all about rehashing the styles of years gone by. Of course, you don’t want to look like you’re stuck in a bygone era, but it’s always fun to recreate a vintage, timeless look with a modern twist. And let’s face it, there’s something special about throwing on your mother’s (or even your grandmother’s) […]


30 Outfits To Check Before Wearing Your Boyfriend Jeans

By Kaia Saunders / February 16, 2017

If there is one trend that continues to baffle fashion designers year after year, it has to be boyfriend jeans. Who would have thought that a baggy, oversized style of clothing would remain popular for so long? Yet, nearly three decades after making its way onto the mainstream fashion scene, this tomboyish style is more […]


27 Pretty Patchwork Cardigans And Jackets Outfits To Explore

By Kaia Saunders / February 8, 2017

This season, it’s all about patchwork. You remember the trend… patches of cute and quirky designs sewn onto your clothing. Whether it was your high school’s emblem or the first letter of your boyfriend’s name, most have us have experimented with patchwork in some form. For once, a fashion style that’s popular with both teenagers […]


How to Wow This Winter in Woolen Skirts and Dresses

By Kaia Saunders / February 6, 2017

The winter season typically means layers of warm, cozy fabrics, covering us from head to toe. This year, though, it’s all about baring some leg in the trendiest, most stylish woolen skirts and dresses. Quick Navigation Wearing Woolen Skirt for Warmth and Style How To Look Elegant With Woolen Dress In Winter From printed plaid […]

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