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25 Tips To Style The Clothes You Already Have

By Kaia Saunders / July 17, 2017

It is easy to develop a style and follow trends, but the thing is that we have the constant question in the back of our heads. How to always keep our essentials and safe outfits fresh and reinvented? That’s the point; it is somehow hard to step out of our fashion comfort zone – we […]


24 Right-On-Trend Outfit Ideas Showing How To Wear A Shirt Dress

By Kaia Saunders / May 30, 2017

Early Saturday morning after an incredible night out. The first thing you see is your boyfriend’s shirt on the floor, and you just grab it. A quick glimpse in the mirror: there is a messy hair girl without a makeup who looks absolutely fabulous in a shirt that looks like a dress. Show the world […]


7 Creative Ways to Refresh Your Florals For Spring

By Kaia Saunders / May 22, 2017

Spring is officially here, and you know what that means: florals all around. Not only are bright, vivid flowers everywhere in nature, they’re all over the fashion scene too! Unlike years before, though, florals haven’t suddenly sprung up this season only. Throughout this past autumn and winter, floral prints have made a huge comeback. We […]


How To Wear A Shirtdress Based On Your Body Shape (Check The Looks Yourself)

By Kaia Saunders / May 19, 2017

One of the top trends this season is the shirtdress. Extremely comfortable and unpretentious, it allows you to look very feminine, without making much effort and sacrificing your comfort. This trend is inspired by the male wardrobe. Although you can find gorgeous shirt dresses in almost all stores nowadays, stealing one of your boyfriend shirts […]


Blush Outfits Guide: The Most Inspiring Blush Examples This Spring

By Kaia Saunders / May 9, 2017

Blush is the new black. Although not a general rule, it sure is widely applicable when spring is behind the corner (or right here?). You might feel the best way possible inside your comfort zone – read: wearing opulent dark colors and heavy textures, but it is spring! It may seem too frivolous and girly […]


40 Bell Sleeve Tops To Fall In Love With This Spring

By Kaia Saunders / May 4, 2017

Like most fashion styles, the bell sleeve trend is one that has been coming on for a few seasons now. Slowly but surely, we’ve seen sleeves become larger, wider and definitely more pronounced. This spring season, the variety of bell sleeve blouses couldn’t be more diverse. There’s everything from small and trumpet-like sleeves to full-scale […]


20 Bomber Jackets To Express Your Personality In Spring

By Kaia Saunders / April 24, 2017

Flight jacket may have become stylish and classy lately, but been a cult classic for ages. Originally designed for army aviators, they have fitted right in the fashion industry. Who has expected before that those guys can fly through catwalks and streets as well as in the air? Photo: classisinternal.com The black will never let […]

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