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15 Little Black Dresses To Fall In Love With

By Kaia Saunders / December 12, 2017

What do Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham have in common? If you answered “great style,” you’d be right. And it’s all thanks to one item of clothing they’ve all become synonymous with wearing: the little black dress.

Sophisticated, understated and elegant with minimal effort, the LBD ticks every style box there is. The best part is – it suits absolutely everybody and, in our opinion, can be worn to any event out there.

Then there’s the investment factor: it’s the one garment guaranteed to stay fashionable and trendy year after year, no matter what the season. Think of all the styling options – here is one essential item that can carry you straight from the office right to the club.

Let’s not even talk about the ease of traveling. Just pack a little black dress into your holiday suitcase, and you’re all set for a variety of different vacation outfit options.

We’ve compiled 15 of the best dresses out there to get you started on your journey into fabulous LBDs. There’s something to suit every taste, occasion and price point. Happy shopping!

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V-Neck black bodycon dress

The Wear-Anywhere Bodycon

Forever 21 V-Neck Bodycon Dress

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Black has the magical ability to make us appear slimmer and even taller than we are. How?

Well, the solid slab of dark color draws the focus away from any bumps or bulges on the body. This gives the illusion of a sleek silhouette. Instead, the eye shifts towards the hair and feet.

We can see this basic design becoming a firm favorite in your closet. Dress it up with sparkly jewels and stilettos for clubbing with your girlfriends. Got a last-minute business meeting with the boss? Just throw on a tailored blazer and court heels for an instantly pulled-together appearance.