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4 Head to Toe DIY Styles for Spring

By Shevon Clay / May 24, 2016
A bleached legging DIY

Hello, ladies! The spring is here and of course, we have nothing to wear with our closet full of clothes. But the important thing is that the closet is FULL OF CLOTHES. Maybe the ones you forget you have, the ones that are very comfortable but not for public or the ones you like very much but they are so out of fashion but you simply cannot even think about donating them. Here you can read about 4 head to toe DIY styles for spring that will show what you can do with these clothes, save your money and look fabulous. So girls, get busy, dig into your closet and show your inner artist.

Idea 1: white t-shirt, leather jacket and pimped old shoes

Model with white shirt, leather jacket and ripped jeans

Inspiration: look edgy in this leather-denim ensemble (photo:


a DIY print shirt

Transform a white plain shirt into a DIY project that’s unique and cheap (photo:

Steps in making a DIY print t-shirt

Transform a white plain shirt into a DIY project that’s unique and cheap (photo:

You definitely have a plain white t-shirt in your closet, which is very useful if you look at these DIY Print idea. You can make stamp yourself with any pattern you want from different materials like cork, eraser, etc. This idea is brilliant because you can choose your favorite colors, shapes and add glitter or anything else you want.

Leather jacket

A DIY leather jacket

Turn an old leather jacket into a totally different item of your wardrobe by adding a little sparkle to it (photo:

You can turn your old leather jacket into a totally different item of your wardrobe, with simply adding a little sparkle to it. You can add stickers, decorative studs or anything else you like and your old leather jacket will be as good as new.


Steps in applying picture cutouts in white plain shoes

Renew old shoes or pimp your new ones by sticking cutouts or pictures on them (photo:

This is an incredible way to renew your old shoes or pimp the new ones. They will add some color to this outfit, everyone will love them right away and you get to literally wear your favorite magazine.

Idea 2: fabulous shirt & colored pants

1st model with striped top, black pants, middle model in loose blouse and floral pants and last model with a belted shirt with red flared pants

Inspiration: go through your day in style in different looks (photo:


A DIY knitted top with steps

This DIY idea is a brilliant transformation of a boring stretched out shirt into a new one (photo:

This shirt DIY idea is a brilliant transformation of a boring stretched out t-shirt into a fabulous shirt you will look awesome in.


Colorful paint over denim jeans

Draw roses or butterflies or go crazy with colors (photo:

This DIY idea for renewing your old black denim is the best. You can draw roses or butterflies, spray different shapes with a stencil or simply go crazy with colors.


A black no-sew hand bag

Make this simple yet chic no sew handbag

Materials to make the handbag

Make this no sew handbag with simple materials

As we went crazy with the colors for renewing our pants, we have to make our handbag as simple as we can. This is a very simple idea how you can make yourself a handbag from scratch.


Steps in making a washer ribbon necklace

Look stylish with this washer ribbon necklace (photo:

At last, we need some jewelry to make us shine even more. This necklace is so beautiful and easy to make that we should have it in as many colors as possible. We can use different ribbons and even color the metal washers as we like it.

Idea 3: Knotted grey t-shirt with homemade shoes

Model poses with a plain shirt adorned with statement necklace, boyfriend jeans and neon heels

Inspiration: boyish and stylish look (photo:


DIY knot crop top

Use your plain gray shirt fashionably by making a knot at the bottom (photo:

This is a great idea how to use a simple gray t-shirt in different ways. So if you think your gray t-shirt is out of fashion, make a knot at the bottom and voila, you have a new t-shirt.


Pimped up denim jeans

This simple DIY is cute and easy with just a few materials (photo:

This denim renew is so cute and easy that we simply must try it. You can play with your favorite colors and make your jeans brand new.


Steps in making a DIY ankle scarf wrap sandals

Add color to your plain outfit by making this cute sandal DIY (photo:

We should definitely add some color to this outfit, so homemade shoes like this are a perfect choice and also an accessory to go with our look.


DIY leather bow

Tone down a bold outfit with this DIY leather bow (photo:

As the shoes are a perfect jewelry to go with this outfit we don’t want to exaggerate with accessories, but a simple homemade bracelet like this will go with our look perfectly.

Idea 4: unique looking leggings and a denim jacket

Studded denim jacket with lots of bling

Inspiration: rock the studded denim jacket look at a night out or just hanging out with friends (photo:


A DIY trompe loeile necklace shirt in white

Show faux jewelry by making this smart DIY shirt (photo:

This is another idea how to renew your plain white t-shirt and it is perfect for this outfit because we can avoid the possible neck pain from wearing this much jewelry all day long. We can simply draw it on our t-shirt in any way we like it.


A bleached legging DIY

Make ordinary leggins unique and funky with this DIY look (photo:

This is a great idea to make your ordinary leggings look unique and funky. You can renew them with bleach like explained in this tutorial, or you can also paint spray them, create different shapes with a stencil, put colorful dots on them, or even use laces for a stencil and create laces on your leggings to prevent them from ripping apart, whatever you like.


A blinged denim jacket, front and back

A simple and low-cost idea to add some sparkle to your old denim jacket (photo:

This is a simple and low-cost idea to add some sparkle to your old denim jacket. You simply make it brand new by using colorful studs. You can also cut off the sleeves and make your jacket a bit wild.


2 looks for boots with small chains

Quickly renew your wardrobe by adding small chains to a pair of boots (photo:

As we decided to draw the jewelry on our t-shirt we can be unique and put some jewelry on our shoes. This is the easiest way to decorate your shoes and they look totally different in a moment. So if you take off the small chains it looks like if you had two different pairs of shoes.

Well, girls, I think you can quickly renew your old wardrobe with this few tricks and make them as good as new, but still feel good in them like you used to and look like Hollywood stars.