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Gorgeous Makeup Examples With Natural Freckles

Groomed eyebrows and glossy lips look adorable with freckles.

Gone are the days when freckles were considered something to be embarrassed about and covered under layers of foundation and concealer.

Not only are women embracing and flaunting their freckles these days, but it is becoming a growing trend!

Who would have thought women without them would actually be faking it someday?

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“No Makeup” Looks With Freckles


Great "No Makeup" Look With Freckles. Try a light layer of foundation or BB cream with winged eyeliner for a natural everyday look.Photo: Instagram/@de_strawberry

Let your freckles shine by keeping your makeup relatively minimal. We’re talking little to no foundation, a touch of blush, a dab of lip gloss, and some eyeliner.

By sticking to the bare essentials with your makeup, your freckles will become the star of your look!